It's a Deflategate Charlie Brown

Seems everybody is making fun of Tom Brady's deflated balls. I thought I would get a jab in also. If there is anybody in football lore who is more deflated, that person would be Charlie Brown. It's a Deflategate, Charlie Brown! Deflategate makes its way into the lexicon of cheating.  Thanks Tom Brady!  We always knew you had a little Lucy in you.

You've Been Downgraded Charlie Brown

Many countries were downgraded this week in Europe as the Euro takes another beating. France like the United States also felt to the same economic adjustment. Charlie Brown is quite popular in France. The Peanuts gang have been downgraded to live in Snoopy's house. These are though times as peanuts around the world are going up 35% due to low stocks in the world. You've been downgraded, Charlie Brown!

Obamacare Put Me Out Of Business, Charlie Brown

Business is tough for Lucy. Obamacare put me out of business, Charlie Brown!

Snoopy On The Moon

There are two white dogs that landed on the moon. Snowy and Snoopy. Snoopy and Tintin on the Moon for the first time together.

Snowy never talks, but Tintin always understood him. Comparisons? God forbid. 

Snowy has a fondness for Loch Lomond.
Side note: Rin Tin Tin was the godfather of famous dogs. 

Your Dog Needs A Chiropractor Charlie Brown

Ouch! Sleeping on a doghouse must be painful. Your dog needs a chiropractor, Charlie Brown!

So This Is Married Life, Charlie Brown

Ever get the feeling that Charlie Brown will always be in the doghouse when he gets married? So this is married life, Charlie Brown!

From a previous collection: So This Is Marriage, Charlie Brown!

Charlie Brown The Little Prince

Charlie Brown as Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's The Little Prince. The metaphor of two little boys in a world they cannot understand.

Did You Super-Size My Fries Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown the food giver to Snoopy once again gets his order wrong. Did you super-size my fries, Charlie Brown?

You're Evicted From Wall Street Snoopy

The Occupy Wall Street movement is not going too well for Snoopy and Woodstock. They have just been evicted from Wall Street.

OMG I Am A Girl, Charlie Brown!

Peppermint Patty after a shower realizes she is a girl. OMG I am a girl, Charlie Brown!

How The Grinch Stole Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree

Back in the day there were only four stations. Each year there were only two Christmas specials worth waiting for. How the Grinch Stole Christmas! and A Charlie Brown Christmas.  Imagine if both specials merged together. You would get, How The Grinch Stole Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree.

It's Not Woodstock's Mom, Charlie Brown!

I always found it odd that Woodstock would eat turkey for the Television thanksgiving holiday special. Don't worry. It's not Woodstock's mom, Charlie Brown!

It's A Boner Alert, Charlie Brown

Got to give the dog a bone. Snoopy loved pizza so much that he gave him an awful nightmare one time. It's a boner alert, Charlie Brown!

That's Not Doggy Style, Charlie Brown

Doggystyle was the debut name of Snoop Dog's first album. That's not doggy style, Charlie Brown! Snoopy always had the women.

Are You Gay Charlie Brown?

Are you gay, Charlie Brown? Not that there is anything wrong with that.

You're Tanked Charlie Brown

Baseball players are known to occasionally drink in the dugout. Ask the Boston Red Sox. You are tanked, Charlie Brown!

I Am Calling Peta Charlie Brown

Snoopy over exaggerates his treatment from Charlie Brown. I am calling Peta, Charlie Brown! The Daisy Hill Puppy Farm was never this bad.

Size Doesn't Matter, Charlie Brown

Some might lead you to believe that size does not matter. Trust me the male ego does not think so.  Size Doesn't Matter, Charlie Brown!

Ever Consider Using Propecia, Charlie Brown

Male baldness can be a defeating thing at an early age, but from the start poor Charlie brown never had a chance.  Ever consider using Propecia, Charlie Brown?

Do I Look Like A Waiter To You, Charlie Brown

It's a dog's life. Snoopy never had it that good. Poor old Charlie Brown is Snoopy's waiter.  Do I look like a waiter to you, Charlie Brown!

I Got A Concussion Charlie Brown

You would think after a few bumps to the head, Charlie Brown would get a concussion or two. The football bit as as reminiscent as the Coyote catching the Road Runner. If they both succeed the joke would just evaporate. You can never get tired of both. I hope both Charlie brown and the Coyote have good insurance.

Your Dog Has Worms, Charlie Brown

Better not play with Snoopy. Your dog has worms, Charlie Brown!

I Think Your Dog Left You a Surprise in Center Field Charlie Brown

These are the dangers of having a beagle on your baseball team. It's a bitch to clean cleats. Better bring a bag or two. I think your dog left you a surprise in center field, Charlie Brown!

So This Is Marriage, Charlie Brown!

Poor old Chuck is always in the doghouse. What better way to prepare for marriage. So this is marriage, Charlie Brown!

I am Not Mr. Clean's Son, Charlie Brown

I repeat Charlie Brown is not Mr. Clean's son.

The Mob Broke My Fingers, Charlie Brown

Charles M. Schulz never mastered hands. They seemed liked the mob went through a few of them and dislocated fingers at will.  The mob broke my fingers, Charlie Brown!

It's Not a Drone Charlie Brown

Better look to the skies Charlie Brown. That kite might just be a drone. It's not a drone, Charlie Brown!

How The 99 Percent Eat Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown has to tighten his belt, times are tough. Snoopy there is less food for you in recession times. This is how the 99 percent eat Charlie Brown.

You Can't Get It Up, Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is having some personal problems. You can't get it up, Charlie Brown sees him back at the doctor's office.

Your Doghouse Was Repossessed, Charlie Brown

This is what happens when you skip a few mortgage payments and buy gifts for the little redhead girl Charlie Brown. The bank will take away your doghouse. Poor Snoopy out in the cold. Your doghouse was repossessed, Charlie Brown!

I Got My Glue Bag Charlie Brown

This would explain a lot about Linus. I got my glue bag, Charlie Brown!

Did You Cut One Charlie Brown?

Fart is the universal giggle of kids. Peanuts was fart-less. Ripping one will get a laugh all the time. Did you cut one Charlie Brown?

I Am Not Dead Yet Charlie Brown

Seems nobody wants Charlie Brown around. Will they dance on his grave? I am not dead yet, Charlie Brown!

What is Twitter Snoopy

To tweet or not to tweet that is the question. Would Charles have joined the twitter world if he were alive?

Why So Angry Snoopy

Snoopy and Woodstock are buds for life. This is just an excuse to use the Feast of Flesh font and Angry Birds at the same time. Why so angry Snoopy!